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There are numerous possibilities in the area between Málaga and Marbella. Here are our recommendations for where to eat, places to visit and stuff to do, and which channels to follow for more information about what's happening when you're there. 


There are a few restaurants and bars within walking distance of Casa Rubo. There’s a small convenience store, as well as a local restaurant called Colinas del Faro, just 30 meters down the road from the door at the pool side. The store sells most of the general goods you'll need for breakfast or lunch, and the restaurant serves a variation of decent food from all over, but their best dish is the Paella (need to be ordered in advance). If you continue towards the shore you’ll soon find Doña Maria. A pub serving really good, but basic food for a decent price. The place is however mainly viewed as a spot for drinks. Usually stacked with people from near and far, and you're almost guaranteed a good laugh.

Down at the beach you’ll find Villa Tropicana. A good local restaurant with specialities from the sea. Perfect as a place for lunch or dinner, during or after, the trip down to the sea. To the west of Tropicana is Los Amigos Beach Club. There is an ATM at their front desk, and the restaurant Las Casitas is located in their residencies close by. Serving decent food in a cozy environment. A bit further west lays La Teja, Serving very good food from multiple cultures.

On the opposite side of Casa Rubo, in the area of Wyndham Grand Residences, you'll find Safari. A great restaurant with super atmosphere for everyone. Wyndham is an international spa and resort company, and does also offer spa treatment, a tennis court, a few bars and restaurants, ATMs and so on. Just down the street from Casa Rubo. 

Both Los Amigos and Wyndham offers different hotel and resort options if you're in the need of space for more than the 20 people Casa Rubo is able to accommodate. All within walking distance.


As for places in the city of Fuengirola you’re in for a treat. There are plenty of choices, and we would encourage you to check out what the city can offer you by yourself. However, we do have some favorites:

  • Casa Roberto. A restaurant with good food and great atmosphere. Also famous for having a Guinness World Record with over 4000 golf clubs hanging from the ceiling.

  • El Gastromercado de Fuengirola/La Galeria. A fairly new food court usually thriving with people. Serving food from all over the world, with focus on Spanish-speaking countries. Suitable for both food and drinks throughout the day, and most of the night too.

  • On the opposite side of the postal office (right next to La Galeria) you'll find Plaza Chinorros. A local square with a lot of different restaurants and a good atmosphere. Usually packed with people throughout the day.

  • If you really want an experience we would recommend Sollo. A Michelin star restaurant serving traditional Spanish food with a twist. Also marked with the green star stating their sustainable vision.

  • There has been a rise in options down at the Harbour. Some really good restaurants, especially Ku’Damm Berlin, and many options for water activities. Jet ski rental, diving including diving courses and regular boat rental are some of the options there.

  • Every Tuesday, at Recinto Ferial Fuengirola, there's an open market with hundres of different vendors. Offering everything between food and vegetables, to toys and clothing. The place is usually thriving with people, so we would recommend going there early. A great way to experience a local happening that's been there for many, many years. 

  • Fuengirola also has a Zoo, Bioparc Fuengirola. Containing more than a hundrer different animals from most tropical areas worldwide.

  • A great recommendation for the children is the waterpark Aquamijas. Located quite close to the city center, Aquamijas is a great spot if you’re tired of burning hot sand down at the beach. Containing slides and pools for every age.



Marbella is one of the most sunny areas in all of Europe, and the area consists of different places. One of those, Puerto Banus, is renowned for glamour and rich inhabitants, If you are a car or boat enthusiast, or want to check out clothes from more exclusive brands, Puerto Banus is the place for you. Do note that the prices on food and drinks are thereafter. Another spot, the old city of Marbella is, however, a far more calm place to be. Layered with old cobble stone roas, and local shops through narrow streets: the Old town has a vast cultural and historical heritage. And in the midst of it all is Plaza de los Naranjos, or Orange Square, with an old church and many small restaurants. The area of Marbella does also have one of the longest beach-stretches in the country.


Málaga is one of the biggest cities in Spain, and have for the last years been through a large rehabilitation project to make the city a more open and welcoming place to be. There are plenty of museums, shops, restaurants and night clubs in the city. For more information about what to do in Málaga, visit:

Picasso Museum

Gibralfaro - 


– The cathedral 

– Malaga 

Other places to visit:
– Granada 

– Sevilla

– Gibraltar

– Cadiz



Fuengirola Zoo - Parque Aquatico Mijas - Aqua Park - Dolphin Park - Sea Life Centre - Aqua Land - Crocodile Park - Wolf Park - Funny Beach - Selwo-Park - Delfin Safari - Mijas Pueblo -  - 

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A website with a calendar of events, tours and things to do in the south of Spain (Norwegian). 


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